Doorstep Portraits.

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Doorstep 2Doorstep 2

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What are Doorstep Portraits?


During this time of social distancing I am taking Outdoor Portraits on your own doorstep.


I will come to your home and photograph you and your family on your doorstep or in your garden. At all times I will observe social distancing.  

I will take several different pictures for you. You will be able to see them on a Password Protected webpage. You can chose 2 images to download and use on Social Media or print. If you prefer I can also supply high quality professionally produced Photographic prints.

200626__JAT__POR_Family_0031200626__JAT__POR_Family_0031  How much does it cost?



including 2 high Resolution digital downloadable images.

And the possibility of purchasing extra downloads or Printed Images. 

Nothing Hidden, No Pressure Selling.


If you use Social Media please remember to tag me. 

FaceBook:  @imagesbeyondwords

Instagram: images_beyond_words

Twitter: @ImagesByondWord





To Book an appointment phone Paul on 0753 491 2178 or message me on FaceBook or email.  We are taking bookings throughout July for Fridays and Saturdays.


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Your Images can be Fine Art Monochrome. Your Images can be Colour


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